The RecordKeeper   -   more than a journal

Why The RecordKeeper?








The RecordKeeper is a unique blend of journaling, record-keeping and tracking.  This book will enable you to participate in your health and well-being.  Keeping track of how you slept, what you ate, how you moved are included in The RecordKeeper.  In addition to writing down your hopes, dreams and goals, you can also document your aches, pains and other "chief complaints," a valuable tool to share with your healthcare provider.  Now I understand that "The RecordKeeper" is a valuable tool for the caregiver as well.  By documenting a patient's moods, movements and conversations, it can prove to be a cherished keepsake for the patient's friends and family members!   This is an effective resource, one you can refer back to when needed and desired. Included in The RecordKeeper are my black and white photographs, along with written "pearls of wisdom" that can assist in supporting you on your journey.

I started creating this journal/tracker long before being published in April of this year.  As a young girl I kept a diary, the one with a lock and key.  I wrote in it almost daily, things like my younger brother trying to find my diary and read it; of what I wanted to be when I grew up (Ballerina for one); also later on about a boy I liked.  Things like that.  As I grew I kept on writing only now the diary is called a journal.  I wrote about when I was on vacation, also to write down my feelings.  Fast forward to June of 2009 I became very ill.  I was encouraged by my health care providers to keep a detailed journal about my cancer experience.  So I did.  I wrote things like when I got up, what I ate, how I moved, blood pressure readings, even bathroom activities!  After I passed my 5-year benchmark, meaning I was "cured" I was so entrenched in this detailed journaling - that I just kept writing.  I love it.  It has proven to be so helpful in referring back to "The RecordKeeper" when I needed to find out when certain symptoms started.  It was there.  I even high-lighted the date.  This book this "tool" is valuable, again, not only to you but to your healthcare provider(s) and even caregivers!