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Marie C. Neder

Photo take June 2021


I was born by the San Diego sea in the year Nineteen Hundred & Fifty Three.  My father was in the military (Go Navy) and from day one until I was 13 we moved -  a lot.  So I was (and still am) no stranger to being "the new kid at school" or being introduced to new places and faces, from the East coast to the West coast.  I believe it has served me well in the long run.  Ah yes, the "long run."  More on that later.

I spent most of my early adult years living and working in Southern California.  I lived in the San Fernando Valley but I was no "valley girl," that's "for sure!" I graduated from Van Nuys High and attended both L.A. Pierce and California State University, Northridge where I obtained my A.A. and B.A. respectively.  In my early twenties I even lived by the ocean in Carlsbad and other North San Diego County cities.  That was something else, something I enjoyed very much.

Too much shaking going on in Southern California so made the move to Reno, Nevada where I learned to improve on my photographic skills and learned about off-roading.  Fun, fun.

In 2005 I moved to Grants Pass, Oregon.  What an awesome part of the country! Southern Oregon is so beautiful and if you like to hike, this is the place.

 In 2019 I decided to try something new, so off to Chubbuck (a stones throw from Pocatello aka "Pokey") Idaho.  I lasted 18 months.  Beautiful state and met some very cool people.  I guess I just missed Oregon SO much!

 Back to Oregon and I now live in Brookings.  One of the most beautiful places with a myriad of glorious beaches on the planet.  I am  living on the coast, once again.

I continue to hike and photograph and now a book.  Imagine that.

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Marie C. Neder