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(posted on 13 May 2022)

Hi all!


Yep, today is "Friday the 13th."  What does this date mean to you?  Maybe nothing, or maybe something.  Either way, it was a fun movie!

Obviously, I don't "blog" very much, maybe oncee a month.  Maybe I'm blogging just for me and that's ok.  Better to blog than "flog!"


Have a great day!

(posted on 2 Apr 2021)

One step at a time indeed!

I've been wondering how to improve my book (and photography) promotion with hopes of sales, of course.  So I contacted my ArtSites website support and wanted to add a different domain name with hopes of those searching for 'more' than journaling to find me.  So the new search will be (in addition to for a year anyway)   Journal and  Give me your thoughts?


Stay safe people, pets too!


Please click on the EVENTS tab dated August 20, 2020, then on the youtube link.

I had so much fun, a bit nervous, too.



(posted on 2 Jun 2020)

A beautiful June day here in Idaho.  It's not even windy, YET!  Pocatello is a gorgeous valley and views when you go "off road" are exhilerating, love it!

The state of affairs in our country is a myriad of emotions, but certainly fear, anger, sadness, frustration, depression and lonliness are probably the major "states" going on con-currently, yikes!

People rioting, destroying, looting is sad, sad, sad.  A friend of mine has often said "Just give them permission. . . "  Protesting is one thing, destroying property and hurting people is another.

Stay safe out there folks.



(posted on 23 Mar 2020)

Coronavirus aka COVID 19.  What to believe, not believe. . . hmmmmm.  That is a tough one for sure.  I am very concerned about governmental powers being excessive, i.e.  "Marshal Law" for one.  We'll see.  The National Guard is pretty much doing this in the states of Washington, New York and California, if I'm not mistaken.  Is it necessary?  Most likely.  Dang.


Hang on everyone!  Maybe even "write it down!"



I'm back at the Pineridge Mall in Chubbuck, or is it Pocatello?  Hmmm.

I, along with about 20 other vendors, are displaying our "wares" just outside of the Farmer's Market inside the mall.

Come by and say hello.  Peruse "The RecordKeeper" and check out my photo cards with matching bookmarks as well.





I am now displaying my book (The RecordKeeper - both editions) and photo cards at the Pocatello Art Center!  Address is 444 N. Main Street in Pocatello, Idaho



(posted on 18 Aug 2019)

I've set up shop, so to speak, at The Pine Ridge Mall in Chubbuck, Idaho.  I am just outside of the Farmer's Market (indoor of course) along with other vendors.  Every Saturday since August 3rd of this year, 2019.  I'll have both "The RecordKeepers" available as well as my photo cards with matching magnetic bookmark and matted prints as well.  Stop on by and say hello!

I'm getting to know Chubbuck and Pocatello and I'm doing just fine!  I've met some very interesting people and the hiking trails AND parks are wonderful.


(posted on 15 Jul 2019)

Has it really been 6 months since my last entry?  Shame on me.  I've been in the process of moving from Oregon to Idaho.  Oregon is gorgeous to be sure and Idaho is beautiful in a high desert kind of way.  I am in the Pocatello area and the hills and skies are magical.  Thunder is ever present or so it seems.  Why Idaho you ask (maybe you ask)?  I wanted something new AND affordable, many places either have waiting lists or are way too expensive for this gal.  So here I am, about 3 hours from Yellowstone and the Snake River is close by as well as some beautiful hiking trails.

More to come . . . 

Myself with "The RecordKeeper" (both books) along with Doranne Long with her "Your Body Book" had a great time meeting new people as well as those who came to support us.  The events are always surprising and I learn something new each time.  Besides our books and conversation we gave away chocolate kisses and free magnetic bookmarks.



Hope to see you at the next event, whatever and whenever that is!





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