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Myself with "The RecordKeeper" (both books) along with Doranne Long with her "Your Body Book" had a great time meeting new people as well as those who came to support us.  The events are always surprising and I learn something new each time.  Besides our books and conversation we gave away chocolate kisses and free magnetic bookmarks.



Hope to see you at the next event, whatever and whenever that is!





As described under the "Events" tab - I will be participating in a book signing with Doranne Long on January 26, 2019.  Come say hello


I really enjoy book signings.  Am I a little nervous, sure, but excited, too.  It is in the connecting with outhers that I can share what I believe to be a wonderful way to help others keep track of not only their heatlh, but letting their imaginations run wild by writing their hopes, dreams, goals, ane even venting if tne need arises.




Stop by on November 19th between 9am and 12pm to say hello.  For details please see tab "Events."  Would love to meet you and or see you again.



(posted on 1 Nov 2018)

For the past couple of days a little hummingbird has perched him/herself (I believe it is a "she") on my bamboo fencing out on my lanai.  Something is wrong with her beak but she manages to eat  She is such a guardian of the food dispenser.  She appears to be ok.  She has come the 2 days and tomorrow will be three.  I decided to call her Dottie.  I am told to "count my blessings" so I am counting Dottie as a big blessing.  

(posted on 31 Oct 2018)

Halloween fun and a little spooky at that!  My friend E created Skellie giving birth (or whatever) and the RIP is my creation.  We had candles inside the pumpkins.  The kids (and adults) liked Skellie and friends.   



(posted on 15 Sep 2018)

Well, I'm back from my stay an an AIRBNB in North Bend, not far from Coos Bay, Oregon.  I wanted to check out both Coos Bay and Bandon as possible places to live.  Bandon would be a better fit for me.  In fact, I dropped off one of my books (the green one) and the manager will review for possible sales at the Windriver Bookstore in Bandon!  I will keep you updated.

From the Best to the Best!


(posted on 11 Aug 2018)

Disappointments - ah, yes, those.  We all have them.  A book signing was cancelled at a local winery due to the "quality" of our air (unhealthy) from the fires all around us.  True, it should have been cancelled, but still - a disappointment nonetheless.  So I hung out inside for the most part and enjoyed some relaxation time.  The book signing event (with about 8 other local authors) will take place in the fall.  That will be sweet.

Ah, to another day!

July 30, 2018 REASON #9 to avail yourself to “The RecordKeeper” - more than a journal. Looking Back on a month or even a few months ago is this week’s reason. As I journal I take note of the weather (yes, the weather – something as mundane as that) as well as the other categories I have mentioned in past “reasons.” As I look back, and I have had to look back when trying to remember a certain detail (for example), and journaling has saved the day. Because I journal/track/document/record-keep on a daily basis I can truly look back a month, two months, a year (?) and read the changes in my life, some good, some not-so-good. However, by reading what has gone before has been informational on so many levels. I don’t believe I’m anal about journaling, maybe to those who never journal I am, but when someone says “take note of this or that” I certainly take it to heart. I know using “The RecordKeeper” can improve your quality of life. How? Just the act of writing which includes coloring and pasting things in your journal is therapeutic; by providing your own own validation of your feelings, actions, pains, joys and so forth. And of course seeing your journal every day provides as certain amount of what, comfort maybe? It does for me and more. Next week I will talk about “my time” through journaling. Write on!

JULY 23, 2018 REASON #8 to buy “The RecordKeeper.” It makes a very thoughtful gift for someone and/or yourself!

Many of us love to give gifts, gifts from the heart. Though “The RecordKeeper” is truly more than journal, it is a journal plus more. As I’ve described in REASONS 1 through 7 about how valuable and useful it is to journal, document or record-keep if you will – it is also a great gift. I believe we all know someone who would benefit from journaling and giving “The RecordKeeper” as a gift shows them that you really care about them - not only their health, but about them altogether. At a recent book signing 3 of the 5 books I sold were for gifts. Of course that made me feel good. Not only is this book user friendly, it includes my black and whites images along with supportive quotes, forms and even an index of my images. And if purchased through my website or local retails shops a matching magnetic bookmark is included. I know there are people out there that still enjoy picking up a book, to feel it, smell it, touch it and have it plain sight as a reminder to write in it, hopefully daily. “The RecordKeeper” may also be purchased on Amazon. So when thinking about a thoughtful gift for someone, perhaps even yourself, please keep “The RecordKeeper” in mind. Keep on writing! Best.

July 16, 2018 (my birthday, too!) REASON #7 to purchase “The RecordKeeper” more than a journal. . . concentrates this week on the caregiver. The caregiver can work for a hospice, hospital, private company or even as a self-employed caregiver. This caregiver (you perhaps or someone you know?) may work at home for a loved one. As a caregiver, especially if you are a great one, observes much more than the average person. As a caregiver, he/she can journal or “record-keep” if you will, the various changes in the patients demeanor, appetite, and so forth. Not to replace any medical record documentation, but to have a separate book (The RecordKeeper?) noting smaller, perhaps what would be considered “inconsequential.” However, the patient or his/her family members or friends might like to have the journal to look back on and smile, even if it is a bittersweet smile. It could be a really cool memory book. Think of a patient receiving hospice care and they may or may not get better (some do) and to have “The RecordKeeper” with its many pages to write on, could act as a treasured keepsake. It’s certainly a thought. Best, Marie

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